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Egyptian Chamomile the queen of relaxing herbs.  This perfect bedtime tea is sweet and floral with a pleasant fruity aroma. Vanilla and soothing honey join to create a blend you will dream of. 

♥  Licorice can help reduce fat and may aid digestion. 
♥  Chamomile has stomach soothing properties and anti-inflammatory.  
♥  Honeybush immune system support. 
♥  Lemongrass contains substances that are thought to relieve swelling. 


Organic chamomile, organic honeybush, lemongrass, licorice, coconut, vanilla bean, kukicha, honey, stevia leaf, citric acid. 


 Use 1 tsp of tea per cup of water in an infuser. Bring water to a boil and let stand for 40 seconds then steep tea for 5 minutes.