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You don't have to stay home anymore. Keep this premium tea blend on hand and take any time you feel under the weather. Includes natural anti-inflammatory herbal ingredients to help on those days of the month or to have when you feel a sore throat or headache coming on. This one tasty tea will be all you need all year around. Morning, noon and night.

♥ Rooibos tea a natural headache soother.
♥ Raspberry leaves have anti-inflammatory properties.
♥ Chamomile helps relax and has sleep friendly properties.
♥ Jasmine helps calm and ease the mind. 


Rooibos , Raspberry Green Tea, Jasmine, Chamomile, Fennel, Lemon Balm.


Use 1 Tsp of tea per cup of water . When water reaches 212F steep for 7 minutes.

Add honey for sweetness.